Thursday, November 29, 2007

Homework: still a drag.


I cannot work at home.

Seriously, how do people do this? How do they shut off HGTV and stop playing just one quick game of online spades and get off the phone with their mother and quit checking in with their favorite blogs and not tweak their Christmas project for the 10,245th time and stop snickering about ridiculously inappropriate inside deals and quick running to the library and stop unloading the dishwasher and tossing in a load of laundry and not stand in front of the fireplace until their ass is good and toasty and quit petting the dog and then realizing the dog smells REALLY bad and then coming to the conclusion that what the dog actually smells like is a cross between poop and vomit making it necessary to shoo the dog out to the back porch where the poor thing is relegated to her fluffy, cushy dog bed with her own personal space heater nearby and then trading e-mails with friends arranging a trip to the north country where a rumored eighty-thousand (that is not a typo) song karaoke machine awaits…

Oops! There I go again. STILL not working. See how I am?

Oh, what am I doing now?

That’s right, people, BLOGGING instead of working.

But that’s all going to change. I’m putting the pedal to the metal, nose to the grindstone, shoulder to the plow!. I’m going to buckle down, get serious, no more Mrs. Nice guy! I’m going to work my little fingers to the bone, hoe that row, tow that line.

And I’m going to do that right after I meet a friend for lunch and post this bit about my "espionage personality". (Thanks to Suz At Large [a.k.a. Hannah Senesh] for this link. Find out your espionage personality here.)

he "If You Were a Spy..." quiz on

I am a...
virginia hall

Are your friends constantly amazed with your new hobbies? Whether you can speak Italian, bake a pie from scratch or maneuver your way through a parallel park-a-thon, your uncanny expertise probably surprises those around you. Like Virginia Hall, you're probably intelligent, persistent and a tad of a perfectionist. Read more...

Which spy are you?


Nikki D. May said...

I was able to work at home very well until I discovered

Good luck with that one!

keena said...

I am Hannah Senesh, wowee. It wont let me transfer to my blog. Great ipiture of the furgirl. Why work anyway.

Suz said...

Work: the curse of the blogging class.

FurGirl is so lovely to look at, and seems so sweet to hang out with, I don't see how anybody could work with her around. Except when she takes a nap.

Good luck, kid. I'm going back into the fray next week, on a part time basis, for a few months. Money is nice. Work interferes with all my blogging, TV watching, book reading and wandering around taking pictures.

Where IS that huge trust fund that I just KNOW God meant for me to have???

Suzanne said...

Yah...been to now. Hard to find an excuse to tear oneself away from feeding the world with one's huge vocabulary. It's crazy. It's like: Expectorate means HAVE SOME DINNER, WORLD!

Keena--I have to make some $$'s because SOMEBODY around here expect me to be productive.

Suz--Good luck reentering the rat race and glad to hear it's only PT!

Patience-please said...

Work is overrated.

monica said...

Maybe you just need to get away from those distractions by oh, I don't know, maybe some time at that cute little texaco station just behind your house from say 10-12 am each day? I hear you can do your own thing when your not selling t-shirts and very cool gift cards for that worthy non-profit. It's like getting paid to Blog!