Tuesday, November 06, 2007

More Hi-Ho?

Looks like there’s a good chance I may be working again soon.

So, I’m taking this whole looming job thing as the perfect excuse to sit up in Bizzyville HQ in bright red long-handle underwear (from The Gap circa the 1990’s), a pair of oversized insulated hiking socks stolen from the S-Man’s sock drawer, with all this topped off with a cast-off dress shirt of the S-Man’s (which happens to hit me pretty far south of the knees) and read and write and futz with photographs to my heart’s content.

I’d have to call my look a step up from Sunday, though, when I spent the day in my voluminous LL Bean flannel gown and some knee socks. The gown is missing a key button, an issue that I manage to address with a strategically placed binder clip. Pretty! The S-Man had the gall to suggest, as I was applying the binder clip to the gown, that maybe since I’m currently unemployed and all, I might perhaps find the time to possibly sew on a button. Which, I pretty much responded to by saying,

“What? Are you CRAZY,”

just before snapping the clip into place, slipping my feet into a pair of stained antique Birkenstock clogs, hurriedly pulling my unruly hair back with zebra print headband, and heading to my computer to enjoy another day of digital Nirvana.

In hindsight, maybe the knee socks were a little much.

In keeping with my tradition of no professional disclosure, I won’t discuss the impending or any job here either, except to say that it isn’t full-time. Hopefully, this will mean continued opportunity for mostly uninterrupted online reindeer games, but I’m still contemplating throwing another job into the mix. I can’t help myself, I feel compelled to book myself up with paying gigs. The fear of losing my digital cable connection (a bill for which I am responsible) is a hell of a motivator.

The S-Man continues to proclaim his intention of NOT paying the cable bill if I lose the ability to take care of it myself and, although I think there’s a good chance he’s not serious, I’m not really up for finding out. I can hardly bear to contemplate, much less face, a future without Candace Olson or Niecy Nash in it. Just don’t even make me.

[Edited to add: But let's just be honest, is there anything really more important than keeping my homies supplied with fresh, hot content? I don't think so.]

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Bubble Girl said...

This homegirl appreciates every word, so I hope you keep rolling 'em out as often as possible.