Thursday, November 10, 2005


It occurs to me tonight that many of you tomorrow will be suffering the indignity of actually being EXPECTED TO WORK on an important national holiday: Veterans Day. Since I myself will actually able to observe the holiday properly, but I'll go to ANY LENGTHS to keep you at least semi-entertained, I’ve decided to perform a public service by giving you links to the latest sites that have lately held me in thrall for…well, a while.

First up: Etiquette Hell. OMG. Thrill to reader submitted Bridezilla horror stories and the like as well as just random incidents of social faux pas bad enough to make Miss Manners throw up. A trainwreck site you just don't want to look away from.

Whether or not Olympia is really a high class call girl in her late twenties working in Manhattan or just writes as if she is, is really beside the point. A hell of an interesting blog.

The Manolo, he loves the shoes, and you gotta love The Manolo. He may get me over my romance with Payless Shoe Source yet.

Oh, and who can possibly resist Celebmatch. This site calculates your compatibility with the stars based on your birth date biorhythms. Check your favorites and then have it calculate your best matches. I sincerely hope your bio-rythms are better than mine as I am compatiable only with b-list celebrity weasels.

(Please note that I originally had two other links posted for you, but something is wrong with freaking blogger or something and the STUPID code won't work or WHATEVER. Annoying.)

Alright, totally switching gears here, remember in the Amityville Horror movie when that little girl was always in her bedroom staring at her window that was, like, covered in flies? Okay, that is my house right now. Evidently, the unseasonably warm weather has caused a big herd of the little bastards to hatch out prematurely and now they've all text-messaged each other to meet up at my house to die. Seriously. There are at least ten flies on my ceiling right now half of which are totally doing a Fly Jonestown all quaking with death throes. The other half are ALREADY DEAD.

I'm trying not to take it personally.

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