Sunday, November 13, 2005

Hello Dolly

It's been a nice long weekend. I ran many long neglected errands on Veteran's Day getting some clothes altered and dropping off a lamp shade to be restored, buying some rugs (that I ended up returning this morning) and other odds and ends.

Friday, we were treated to a performance by Miss Dolly herself, Carol Channing at the performing arts center. Now, I must admit to cracking a few jokes about Ms. Channing's advanced age (84), but the truth is, Carol is quite an energetic gal for any age. Satan got the opportunity to meet Carol and her husband Harry on Thursday as they toured the downtown, and I've still not tired of randomly saying, "HELLO TOM", in my best raspy Carol Channing voice which, it turns out, is exactly what she said to him and a very close approximation of how she said it.

Carol's performance was a one woman show wherein she sang songs, did a little soft shoe, and told some some entertaining stories about her years in "The Business". I was especially interested to learn that Talulah Bankhead was fond of hosting parties at her Hollywood mansion in the buff. As one who prides herself on knowing such trivial tidbits, I can't believe I didn't know that one. Carol is a great mimic and she mimicked Talulah, Sophie Tucker, and many others. Carol's biggest numbers were (of course) "Hello Dolly" and "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" a song that I thought was originated by Marilyn Monroe. There was an interview and reception after the show, but sadly, I was plagued by one of my sinus headaches and just wasn't up to meeting the great lady myself.

Satan persuaded me to take an early morning stroll (well, 9:00 a.m.) today which we both very much enjoyed. I took my camera along and, if blogger will cooperate, I will share some photos with you.

Furgirl waits for us patiently on the front porch of the neighborhood coffee shop which was our first stop. We fortified ourselves with drinks, me an extreme peach smoothy (excellent recommendation, Tara) and Satan a large coffee.

I'm still amazed at the unseasonably warm weather. Check out the impatiens still thriving on NOVEMBER 13TH.

The Delta Queen was in. Is that sky menacing or what? It did rain last night like crazy, but we didn't get a drop during our walk despite the cloud cover.

Furgirl shakes off after her customary dip in the river.

There were a few people downtown. Not nearly enough, though. I wish we had more Sunday activity. Hopefully, liquor by the drink will cure that to a certain extent.

Tried to get you a little more detail on Mr. Gir Affe. This is a good example of why I need a new camera--no zoom.

Finally, I've actually had a reader question which I'll answer here. The reader writes:

"How do you find the time to post all these entries?"

And the answer is, posting entries is not much more complicated than opening a Word document, or I'd never be able to do it. And, since I'm completely full of crap, I can prattle on endlessly on just about any subject pretty quickly. I've written this entry and posted these pictures in less than an hour. Which is why everybody should have a blog. Including you.

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