Saturday, November 05, 2005

It is a Dark and Stormy Night

Is this weather weird or what? First, it’s 80 degrees all day on NOVEMBER 5th and then the amazing wind. Chase stopped by this evening and we set off on a walk with FurGirl. First stop: Mr. Gir Affe. Chase was impressed. Next stop: the river where there were actual foamy WAVES crashing on the ripwrap. Furgirl took her usual dip but I was too put off by the surf to let her stay in for long.

Both Chase and I agreed the wind was “exciting” (he told me that exciting was the word he was looking for too when I came up with it). We marched bravely on into the blustery dark but oddly warm night after the river stop to FurGirl’s fountain, both loving the wind in our hair. Sadly, the water in FurGirl’s fountain had been drained and replaced by Christmas trees. FurGirl was all, “What the HECK?”.

Chase and I both wished we had our skates, he in-line, me the old fashioned kind. We talked about baseball, video games, the war, and the future. And, for a little while, the huge puzzle piece of my heart that is devoted to Chase snapped into place because we were together and for a moment all was right with the world. We said good-bye on the porch and, as always, he promised to stay in touch. As I watched him drive away into the storm I wondered how a mother sends her son off to Bagdad when I can hardly stand to see mine go away to midnight bingo.

You should know that no one pictured here has had a cigarette for five weeks. FIVE WEEKS! I’m weak with relief.

It is now 1:00 a.m. and the howling wind has been joined by a major rainstorm. Appropriately, I rented the first CD in the “Dark Shadows” series at the library today. I could not believe that any of those episodes had ever been salvaged, much less salvaged and sitting on a library shelf and available for my amusement. The show scared me so badly as a tot that my babysitter was instructed not to let me watch under any circumstances. I can still remember being paralyzed with fear upon hearing the creepy music that accompanied the opening credits and shivering at the site of the mysterious Barnabus who, if memory serves, turned out to be a…va-va- va-vampire.

I must go now and see if I’m too grown up to be afraid of Dark Shadows on a dark and stormy night.

I hope not.

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