Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I was up at 5:30 a.m. this morning. Yah, painful. I'm not a morning person. Upon hitting the back deck as per usual for the girl's morning pee-pee's, my attention was immediately drawn to something unusual about fifteen feet out from the deck in the yard. Two little brown ears:

The dogs, even more discombobulated by the hour than I was, paid no notice as I quickly herded them back in the house, grabbed the camera, and returned alone to begin snapping.

The rabbit was motionless sitting still for long enough for me to snap to my heart's content. As far out as the rabbit was, I had to zoom in to the limit of the lens and then try to snap without moving--much easier to blur in a situation like that. I had to, literally, hold my breath to get a clear shot and, even then, wasn't particularly successful. I was afraid to step off the deck and get any closer, though.
This would turn out to be the best I got (crappy). Eventually, I was forced to stop photographing in favor of getting ready for work. I went out again with the camera just before I left, though, and found our little friend had finally changed positions, having moved some feet further away. The wabbit was more exposed in its new location, but still, resolutely, pointing the wrong way:

Is it just me or does that rabbit look a little swollen? Either he's--or more like she's--been eating REALLY well or we're about to get another little surprise of the newborn kind.

When did my yard become Life's Incubator? I'm far too tense for this.


Organic Meatbag said...

Awwww...well she better find a safer place to have her bunnies if she is pregnant, because bunnies aren't good to leave around 2 curious doggies!

Brenda said...

Bless her little bunny heart!