Saturday, June 20, 2009

Special Delivery

I didn't find out I was going to The Wedding until yesterday. This gave me less time that usual to ponder the eternal question: what to wear. Complicating matters: it's outdoors. Further complicating matters: it's about a thousand degrees around here these days. A heat index of 98 degrees is predicted for the Big Event.

Because I'd worked an especially long week, I was able to take off work a little early Friday. You can imagine the temptation to spend a close, sweltering afternoon in the soothing cave-like coolness of a few mall dressing rooms was strong, very strong...nearly irresistible. I've been trying to wean myself off this particular addiction for a while (you may recall). My current budget is less than tolerant, not to mention, I have not one but two jam-packed closets up in here.

And, alas, nothing at all to wear to a one hundred degree wedding.

I ultimately resisted the siren's call of retail, righteously making only a pit stop at Petsmart to stock up on a few bags of the girl's favorite treat chewies followed by a quick spin through Books-a-Million. Then it was home to throw up my last post (not really a post at all). I was chopping up a head of Amish cabbage (tastes better than Regular Cabbage) when I first noticed a large, unfamiliar box wrapped in brown paper perched on my kitchen table. Definitely not something that had been there when I left for work.

If you don't know me well, you might wonder how I could have missed a large, strange box sitting on my kitchen table for over an hour. The answer is: I'm a very oblivious person. I never see any one when driving my car, for example. People are always saying, "We waved and waved and you just drove on...etc." I hardly ever notice, say, new construction happening on my usual route to work. I live in my head. What can I say.

Anyhoo, there it was. No doubt my Mom had picked it up and delivered it to my table. It had been shipped priority mail just the day before.

Inside? I wedding outfit: black cotton A-line skirt (petite!) embroidered in patterns of cream and embellished with cream beads. Also, a sleeveless black shell, that under normal circumstances, I would wear under a sweater or jacket, but in this case will have to stand on its own owing to the heat. It fit. Perfectly.

I'll leave it to you to ponder where it might have come from.

(Apologies on the quality of this time to do better!)


Tammy said...

Very nice outfit on you!

Nikki D. May said...

and you looked FANTASTIC!

Aynex Mercado said...

Oh don't this to me. Now I'm not going to be able to sleep.

Anonymous said...

Tres' chic. Love it. I course I do, it's cream and black! Would also love it who sent it. I'm just sayin'.