Monday, March 31, 2008

A Short Recap

I had a great weekend. It was Christa's birthday and we celebrated with Pad Thai (of course) and Karaoke Revolution for the Wii. I can't imagine that the neighbors didn't hear us drunkenly warbling into the wee (get it) hours of Sunday morning.

Wii is a little behind in the curve in the karaoke genre of games, but still, despite the fact that the game was the "American Idol" edition and didn't have as many songs to choose from as we would have liked [read: we'd like to have every top forty hit from 1950 to present available], we had a very large time that included a faux-hawk and Rockette kicks and at least one party-goer who informed me that his level of inebriation was the highest it had ever been in his entire life. That's right--he had his drunkest experience EVER right here at my house! I was understandably proud. And you thought I wasn't really accomplishing much these days. Wrong! I'm doing IMPORTANT WORK HERE, PEOPLE.

Anyway, the Wii technology is amazing, the game somehow can recognize whether or not one's singing pitch is correct. The added benefit of Paula Abdul, evil Simon Cowell, and Randy Jackson critiquing our performances was actually pretty much of a hoot. I figure Saturday night was just the beginning of what may end up being some pretty fierce competition. At the very least, I foresee a lot more drunken singing going on up in here. (Apologies to the neighborhood.)

The photo at the top of the post is of my latest retro addition to the hacienda. Those model cars were actually gifted to me--how cool is that? (Thanks unidentified gifter!) The cars live in the bay window in my kitchen.


Brenda said...

I love that '56 Chevrolet!

Suz said...

Those models are way cool. Congratulations on getting such nice gifts!

I may blog about the memories that picture stirred up.