Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Random Wednesday Post

I got a great deal on a vase at (shhh....I got in major trouble over this post) TJ Maxx. I know! I'm not supposed to be going there any more. But, dang! What? I'm not supposed to display my Forsythia? I HAVE TO DISPLAY MY FORSYTHIA. It's gorgeous. You can't just drive by the stuff without partaking. Or at least I can't.

I'm adding a new sidebar feature to the blog. It's called, "Party Quote of the Week". I've been collecting them for a while (because no matter what I'm doing? I'm thinking of you guys. count on that.) or at least since the Year of Complete and Total Irresponsibility began [on or about 01/01/08].

Party Quotes are remarks you either overhear at the party, or that people actually say directly to you that cause you turn to the person nearest you and say,

"Did he/she really SAY THAT?"

And they say yes, and then you say,

"Is it just me or should that be on a tee-shirt?" And they say, "Aw, HELL YES."

Where possible, I will try to obtain permission from the Quoter to use either their name, initials, or first and last name (but I wouldn't count on that last one, no one's agreed to that yet).

Our first quote of the week comes to us from J. S. and was said directly to me at the party:

"I'm not the slut y'all think I am."

(I don't care who you are? That's funny.)


On to more serious matters. I was summoned today to a certain housing agency for a lunch meeting with some Federal Officials. Let's just say next Tuesday will likely not be a "good day". (yikes!)
[Edited to add:
Pot Stickers at TGI Fridays? Yummy.
Confidential to Shauna: You're welcome to visit the chairs any time!!]


pmgr2 said...

Did you have a good lunch?

Hope nobody choked!

Keep your loyal fans posted......would LOVE to hear some good news!

ChristaD said...

Hahahaha! The fact that the quote has "ya'll" in it makes it hilarious!

Shawna said...

Love the chairs! I have a chair fetish. When I am old I will have a room with nothing but chairs. Funky, unique, comfy, etc. They have a personality all their own. Glad you snatched those from TJ Maxx and gave them a home. I love to read your post. Keep your head up girl, keep writing because you inspire others with your words, and remember that "If there is no strain, there is no strength"