Friday, March 28, 2008


So, yesterday, I'm at TJ Maxx when I run across THE most fabulous pair of white croco embossed leather chairs. Many of you are familiar w/my B&W couch, so you know that a pair of white leather chairs (with black legs) are just the ticket for my living room.

I have up to now been using what were formerly my outdoor balcony chairs for additional seating and, while they're cute chairs, they are not comfortable (wicker flower chairs from Pier One) and once gotten into? Can be fairly difficult to get out of, especially after a few adult beverages.

I had to have many little talks with myself yesterday at the Maxx about the chairs, the state of my finances (frightening to the point of pants soiling), being responsible, the dangers of impulse buying, and why I can never seem to cut a ball on the rail into the corner pocket...

Oh, wait that last issue was a whole 'nother conversation.

Anyway, I'm having all my little internal talks and circling and stalking the chairs like a starving cheetah in the Serengeti, when I notice, high up on the back of one of the chairs, some black scratches. And bingo! That's when I knew they were mine. Because I could totally smell the damaged mark-down, baby.

Sure enough, the helpful folks on the floor knocked $50 off the price of EACH chair and ba-da-boom, before you could say ARE YOU INSANE YOU UNEMPLOYED TWIT?! I'm licking my chops and driving home with a pair of shiny new only slightly damaged chairs loaded into the back of the Subaru. Wee!


You really can't see the embossed croco finish in the photo, but it's there and it's, trust me, very cool. I have a thing for croco. Also, you'll note the previously discussed and voted on deviled egg dish table works surprisingly well with the new chair, even if I do say so myself. Also? The dog. Who, the minute the camera came out, made sure she was cozied up to the chair herself (but is all not looking at the camera and trying to make it look like a total coincidence).


Brenda said...

The chairs are just perfect for your living room! (And I love Izzy's pose...she looks so wise.)

Anonymous said...

Yummy. Like a vanilla ice cream cone yummy.

Tim said...

Very nice! Don't you just love TJM?