Sunday, February 24, 2008


I swear, I am the busiest unemployed person I know.

Yesterday began with a 1.5 hour accidental yoga session. I say "accidental" because I thought I was in for about a 45 minute workout and only learned after I was there on my mat that it was to be a double dose. Not that I don't need it? But OUCH.

Then I dashed around procuring supplies for my challenge project and enjoyed a brief visit from my son who good naturedly took care of some electronic issues I have around the house (I don't even attempt such things on my own because it makes me completely crazy).

After that, it was off to Christa's for another amazing lunch: homemade vegetable beef stew, cheesy corn muffins and an amazing lemon chest pie (okay, so it's "chess" pie, I prefer the mispronunciation I developed as a kid). We then managed to load our stuffed selves into the car and head off to the library to replenish our supply of free movies.

Next, we took ourselves off to the real cinema to see "Atonement". Based on the novel by Ian McEwan, the movie is set in 1930's England where the events of one hot summer day echo in the lives of star crossed lovers Cecelia and Robbie forever. We were all pretty much thumbs up about the whole thing, however, we did agree the it could have done with a little more editing. We think this a lot, however, and generally prefer fast moving Tarantino, or Woody Allen type stuff. So, we may be the wrong people to ask to give our opinion on the straight forward epic.

I will say that I was enthralled by the score which was ingeniously woven into the story by incorporating the sound of a manual typewriter with the music. Sounds strange, but it really worked.

After the movie, it was on to the serious business of a few hundred games of pool and yet another party where I was forced to retoxify my body with more adult beverages and to hang out with this guy

who I haven't seen in...oh...a silly amount of time. He isn't blurry in real life, only when I am ineptly pointing my camera at him. To be honest, it's a wonder I got out with any pictures at all as senseless as I was (though I think I had some help).

Today? I am tired. Tired, but feeling totally justified about my plan to hang out on my couch and be a complete vegetable with the remote for the majority of today. Which, in my opinion at least, is what Sunday is all about.


Suz said...

You are a wise woman. Of course one must rest up today, to fully recuperate from yesterday's yoga, fun and frolics.

So as to be ready for Oscar night!

Anonymous said...

So, who is he?

ChristaD said...

I was so glad that Atonement won the Oscar for best musical score. I can't remember a movie where I found the music so intriguing...or even memorable.