Monday, February 04, 2008

Monday, Monday

I did the Super Bowl Sunday thing yesterday.

The festivities included all the traditional stuff: wings, cocktail wienies, beer and, in my particular case, really bad choices in the wager department. Football is just not my bag. Ask me to wager on whether or not I think Julie Christie will get the Oscar (YES).

See how I am? From football to Julie Christie. Welcome to my world.

Not much to report otherwise today. I’m obsessed with the “Juno” soundtrack which I can stream for free from the website.

Tonight is the first meeting of the 40-50 group. Get the particulars here.


Mary Thorsby said...

Thanks, Bizzy, for the 40-50 plug! Hope you can join us! xoxoxomt

ChristaD said...

Care to wager on Julie? My money is going on Marion Cotillard to win the statue.