Monday, February 25, 2008

Meeting the Challenge

I have to say, I've had more fun than I ever imagined meeting Aynex's recent challenge to be creative.

For inspiration, I looked no further than my own obsession with bath products. I probably shouldn't tell anyone this, but a really good way to drive me crazy would be to take away my cash, and/or credit and debit cards, and turn me loose in a Bath and Body Works (or any bath product based store).

In short, bath products? They are my crack cocaine.

I have lusted from afar for years after the products available at the Lush website and even torture myself by subscribing to the catalog, ultimately always deciding the stuff is too expensive to order (those shipping costs are murder!).

So it didn't take me too long to decide what I wanted to do to meet the challenge. It did, however, take me a while to assemble the ingredients:

Let's just say one doesn't find citric acid on the shelf at every grocery store. The helpful staff at a local health food store had some on hand though, and today I stirred up some magic by mixing most of the ingredients above to form this delightfully scented lavender concoction that I molded in soap molds:

And then, thankfully, successfully unmolded (does everyone get as scared and tight-assed as me when unmolding stuff? I mean, it's like I think if it doesn't pop out perfectly I'll completely freak out.)

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present, for the first time anywhere, the world's first Bizzy Fizzy:

That's right! A hand made, lavender scented Bizzy Fizzy for the bath!

What's that you say? You think it's just plain old WHITE and BORING? Au contraire, mon fraire! Because, when you pop it in the bath? Not only does it fizz up in the MOST delightful way, give off clouds of gentle, soothing lavender scent, and release healing baking soda, it ALSO (magically) turns the water a very pale lavender.

How cool is that?

But that's not all! Oh no! As us girls know, a quality product is only half the battle. The other half being: cute packaging. Not to worry! I have that covered (heh--get it--"covered"--heh) too. Because all hand made lavender Bizzy Fizzies come wrapped in a lovely and distinctive lavender bow with a sprig of (I can't stand myself) FRESH LAVENDER grown and tended by my very own hand attached.

Can Martha Stewart kiss my ass or what? [Insert crazy, whacked out Howard Dean scream here.]

Okay, calming down now. You need to see the final, lovely product all wrapped up in a pretty, pretty bow:

Most exciting of all, this Bizzy Fizzy from the very first batch of Bizzy Fizzies ever, can be YOURS absolutely free of charge if you are the first person to request it in the comments.

Happy soaking!


Nikki D. May said...

I would LOVE to have your lavender Bizzy Fizzy... if only I had a bathtub! Are you making one of those next?

Suzanne said...

DARN!'re passing then? Or would you like to have it anyway?

Aynex Mercado said...

I want it! I want it! After all, I made you do it.

Suzanne said...

Since you're a friend of Nikki's and all, I'm sure she'd say okay!

Laura K said...

Aynex doesn't count since she is an "Aynex Crafting Challenge" employee/owner. And Nikki is disqualified for not having a bathtub. Therefore, I AM THE FIRST QUALIFIED COMMENTER! YAY!


ChristaD said...

Bizzy fizzies ROCK! I was lucky enough to get one of my very own, and they smell glorious.

Mary Thorsby said...

Oh Geeze, Bizzy Fizzy!!! Now that you've invented the bath soap, how about an accompanying Bizzy Fizzy cocktail? Well done, MzBizzy! Can I order a new batch? xoxoxomt

Tim said...

No bizzy fizzy for me, thanks. But here is a matching cocktail for Mary. Now remember, I just made this up off the top of my head, so no guarantee on the taste if you decide make one.

1 shot pre-chilled vodka
1/2 shot blue curacao liqueur
1/2 shot Goldschlager liqueur
1 dash grenadine (for color)
Chilled champagne to taste

Shake the first four ingredients over ice and pour into a champagne flute. Then top off with the chilled champagne.

The combo of the grenadine and curacao will give the drink a nice lavender color. The cinnamon flavored Goldschlager will impart some heat to invoke the warmth of the bath and the champagne will provide the fizz.

The primary tastes notes will be citrus and cinnamon.

Suzanne said...

Okay, so Bizzy Fizzies all around just as soon as I can get a new batch stirred up., am I correct that we've inspired a cocktail (almost entirely devoid of a mixer)? Also called the Bizzy Fizzy?

Creativity: it's catching!

Mary Thorsby said...

I think Tim has just delivered content for your next post. Let's see what a drinkable (vs. a soakable!) Bizzy Fizzy looks like! xooxoxmt

Tim said...

Of course! This is the unofficial Bizzy Fizzy cocktail. If you really want to make one, and you are on a budget, you could substitute ginger ale for the champagne and any of the various cinnamon schnapps (ie Hot Damn) for the Goldschlager ($9 vs. $30).

Also no need to use your Grey Goose on this one. Any mid-shelf vodka will be fine as the two strongly flavored liqueurs will definitely dominate the drink.

Jeanna said...

Wayyyy too late.

Jeanna said...

wayyy too late. It looks good enough to eat! Yum!

Jeanna said...

Thought the first one didn't post. Have pity on a poor low-tech soul. So much pity that she might be one the next Bizzy Fizzy list?

Patience-please said...

OK, well I'm just plain depressed. How on EARTH do I come up with something remotely blogworthy for Aynex's challenge after this????
This is like, too perfect and I stand at my computer stunned. I cower in creative defeat.

(choking gurgling noises of death)

Ashley said...

Oh dang! I want one! - But wasn't the first one to request one. DRATS!

So, how do you make it give off a lavender color?

Patience-please said...

Ok, go see what I came up with. Pathetic.
And I stole your Bizzy Fizzy photograph.
I don't care.
I'm going to bed.

Susan said...

Okay, Mary put me up to the challenge too and I am ready to accept defeat! What a darling and fun idea -- you should sell them! I'll have to put some thought into this one! Susan

Susan said...

Hi there,

Mary Thorsby challenged me and I met the challenge by making the adult beverage Bizzy Fizzy! ;0

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