Sunday, February 03, 2008

Juno, Terry Fator, Custom Rugs

We saw Juno Friday night and, let me tell you, there isn’t a false note or bad performance anywhere in this little charmer of a movie. Falling on the scale at somewhere between Napoleon Dynamite and Little Miss Sunshine, the film tells the story of Juno, a teenager who finds herself pregnant after her first sexual encounter with her geeky friend, Bleeker. From the innovative titles to the quirky soundtrack to the fountain of smart dialogue, this one draws you in from the beginning and earns the Oscar nods. For shizz.

Last night, I saw Terry Fator at the Carson Center. I was repeatedly told that this guy had won some sort of prime time TV reality contest. As it happened, I posted a video of what I thought was his performance with his puppet, Achmed the Dead Terrorist, several months ago. Aside from this information, I knew nothing about Mr. Fator or what he does going in.

What I’ve just now learned (through the magic of the internet) is that Jeff Dunham is the “Achmed” guy and Terry Fator is someone else entirely. Actually, this is Terry Fator:

Mr. Fator performed last night with a staggering array of puppets and singing voices. And the fact that he is not Jeff Dunham would explain why he didn’t do the “Achmed” bit (duh!). We were, however, no less entertained. Despite his fairly ordinary looks and manor, this guy did dead-on singing impressions that ran the gamut, among them: Dennis DeYoung (Styx, for heaven’s sake), Etta James, Ozzy, Garth Brooks, Elvis, Sammy Davis, Michael Jackson, and many MANY others. It was lots of fun.

Lastly, but certainly most exciting of all, through the most fortunate string of events, I now have in my possession, a one-of-a-kind custom designed area rug made especially for my little retro hacienda. I invested a little sweat equity of my own and here is the end result:

How cool is that? Seriously? I sit and stare at it a lot. It measures about 2 feet by 4.5 feet and was originally designed to go in front of my kitchen sink. But, honestly, although I’ve been assured it can stand up to that kind of traffic, I simply cannot bear to put it in that kind of peril of food drips, so its final resting place is still TBD. This rug is but one of many soon to be produced by a gallery owner that will be going into Lowertown in the next year or so who has the capability of producing any design imaginable in any dimension. The possibilities sort of boggle the mind. [Note to Nikki: Yes, you must collaborate on a design.]

Hopefully, I can link to a website soon, but as for now the site is still under construction. My rug as you see it here, is not yet quite finished for all its loveliness. It will undergo one more shearing and contouring before it is complete.

But, you know me, I have no control and had to share IMMEDIATELY. Because I love you guys.


Brenda said...

I LOVE that rug!

Suz said...

Okay. That does it. Not only do I like the rug. And the floor the rug is sitting on. And the sofa you posted about recently.

But you are warned that if I ever travel to Paducah, I will have your house on my list of places to see.

No worries: because I don't know the address, I can't do that unless I'm invited. :-)

Seriously, the rug is terrific, and the idea of custom designed rugs is even better! Please post the link when the site is ready for prime time!

Anonymous said...

Retro Diner is too groovy!

ChristaD said...

The rug is even cooler than I envisioned! I need one THIS MINUTE!

Grasey said...

Love the Rug you two did an EXCELLENT job!