Thursday, March 08, 2007

Touchdown, CA

Good morning friends! I'm coming to you live from beautiful California where it is very early in the morning. I am in the hotel lobby in my p.j.'s (NOBODY knows me! Nobody!) with an ice cold diet coke, my cell phone, and internet access. Satan is off doing Satany things. Life is extremely good.

The whole time zone thing has thrown me for a loop and it occurs to me I may be suffering from jet lag. We arrived at some point yesterday when it was mid-afternoon here and some other time entirely for me personally. Because our flight from Nashville was extremely early, we arose at the ungodly hour of 2:15 AM. This had the effect of causing us to keep having breakfast over and over and then eventually become completely exhausted with no internal clue has to what time or even what day it was.

Other than repeated breakfasts (which, let's face it, isn't always bad) the trip and both flights were uneventful. We did encounter two separate women with strange hairdos. One had actual hair antlers and the other an up-do so elaborate that I first mistook it for a stuffed animal perched on her head. Sadly, I was unable to get to my camera to document either 'do. I saw a woman at DFW, over Botoxed and obviously well-to-do, carrying a square purse made entirely of clear plastic. I'm now wondering if clear purses are the Next Big Thing and where I can get one.

I am embarassed to report I haven't snapped a single photo yet, mostly due to my jet-lag confusion issues.

That's all going to turn around today, though, as my zone is now working FOR me. Six a.m. felt like mid-morning when I sprang out of bed feeling completely refreshed.

Satan says he is going to take me to Big Sur today! BIG SUR!

More later.

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