Saturday, March 24, 2007

Does it get any better?

Greetings and saluatations! I'm coming you live from My Perfect Weekend.


Satan is out of town. Woohoo!

Yesterday, I got a much-needed haircut, then spent the day with four of my favorite people: Mom, Grandmama, Aunt Pitty-Pat, Aunt Mona. I learned all about Arty's chequered past. We ate fudge.

I awoke, all by myself this morning, at nine a.m. This means I slept ten blissfully uninterrupted hours with my sleep-number bed adjusted to my own favorite sleep-number without ridicule (Yes! Satan tries to control MY SLEEP NUMBER. Feel my pain.)

I rolled out of bed and, due to recent miserable exertions on the Bow Flex, felt Less Flabby. I applied tinted moisturizer, threw on some shorts a headband and sunglasses, and headed downstairs to take a beside-herself-with-excitement FurGirl out for her morning constitutional.

We flung open the front door. The sun was shining. The birds were singing. FurGirl sprang off the porch and began wallowing in Satan's newly-planted patches of grass seed from sheer joy.

My neighbor walked over and handed me this:

The photo was, evidently, part of a display at a recent neighborhood birthday party during which many resident's heads were super-imposed on the bodies of famous old Hollywood stars. Ironically, Satan is a W. C. Fields fan and can do a pretty fair imitation. My neighbor and I shared a snicker.

I walked a block and a half over to my friendly neighborhood coffee shop and ordered my favorite coffee concoction (which is, face it, a coffee milkshake) and a toasted bagel and cream cheese.

I strolled back home and logged onto my computer while enjoying my breakfast with FurGirl snoozing at my feet.

I immediately discovered, through an e-mail from Christa, this website. It is the site of a new cosmetics line, supposedly comparable to MAC, where everything, EVERYTHING is (brace yourselves), ONE DOLLAR. This includes brushes and tools such as eyelash curlers, foundation brushes, along with lip gloss, etc. Yes! After nearly hyperventilating from excitement, I did a little shopping. And, while I'm sure the products I'll be receiving won't be standard sized, still! One dollar!

I'm now off to begin readying my porch for the season and moving my plants outdoors.

Tra la!

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