Monday, June 12, 2006

The Hill

So, as evidenced in my last post and in a few previous posts, many of you may remember our friends Mark and Beth. Just this past January, they set off for a new life and new opportunities in the frozen north.

As most of you know, it’s not easy starting over in a new community. It’s sometimes hard to meet kindred spirits and to develop a new social circle in a far away place. It can be lonely without the friends and family we are used to having, in some cases, just next door.

And I think it has been tough on Mark and Beth. Huddled around their small wood burning stove as the howling winds of winter blew in blinding snowstorm after relentless blinding snowstorm, they wondered many a time—had they made the right decision? Was moving away really the right thing to do? Is it really the law that everyone must own a snow-blower in this god forsaken place? And, what the hell wrong with Britney Spears anyway?

As they pondered these and many other important questions, the winter winds finally subsided. The snowdrifts began to melt. The ice receded, the birds sang, the trees began to bud, and the freezing temperatures gave way to a balmy breezy spring.

And, a few months later, something else blew in on the warm pleasant winds of summer.

A friend. A kindred spirit. Someone to hang out with, to tell your troubles to. Someone to call for dinner and a movie. Someone to, you know, say plot your political strategy with?

And people, it just so happens that that friend is Hillary-freakin-Clinton:

(As I understand it, Mark has his eyes closed because he's so shy.)

Dang, guys, we thought it would take you at least a year to make it to the top!

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