Wednesday, October 26, 2005


While I love having all the plants on the porch in the summer, there's something just delightfully decadant about having big, lush plants in the house over the winter, isn't there? Decadent and sort of retro, don't you think? Sort of a seventies feel? While I'd love to take credit for it, pictured here is Satan's collection of avocado trees he grew from seed.

That IS my favorite lamp that I found at a downtown antique store. I adore the original 1950's caketop shade and, better yet, I got it for a steal. That isn't the original base, however. The original base was a much groovier black wavy ceramic affair that Satan knocked off an end table when his pointy tail accidentally caught on it. It was all very upsetting. He did rush out and buy me the replacement base you see, but it's never been quite the same. *sniff*

Anyway, I have a point here. As I know some of you are aware, November is "Nanowrimo". Otherwise known as National Novel Writing Month. Please go check out the website. The concept is simple: overcome writer's block, insecurity, doubt, fidgeting, procrastination, navel gazing, cerebral constipation, hysteria and all the other horrible maladies associated with writing by committing to pounding out a novel during the month of November. The website is all about support, challenges, advice, and generally just getting you through the experience (no cost involved, tho donations are welcomed). A huge number of people across the country participate. Submitting your work at the end is so very optional. There are various satellite locations that participate furnishing space for people to come together for "write-ins". There will be such a place in my very own neighborhood. How fun is that? I mean, first liquor on Sunday's and now this? Shazam.

Actually, some of us have discussed (on a notify list) the fact that we don't have the laptop that would actually be required for a write-in (does anybody write with a legal pad and number two pencil anymore? Because I'd just as soon open a vein) and so, in our case, these events might be more social support than anything. Technically, the deadline for signing up is October 1st, but I'm not so sure you still can't get in and there's certainly nothing preventing us from giving it a go idependently.

I don't know, it kinda sounds like fun.

All except for the writing part.



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