Saturday, July 11, 2009

The George-Wilson 20 Year Anniversary

The George-Wilson Literary Club is a family group that has been meeting, more or less, once a month for the past 20 years. The club is named for my Grandfather ("Wilson"), now deceased, and Grandmother (maiden name "George"). Members share original writings, photos, music, read from work they find interesting, or recently, even original video. Of course, there is also delicious food involved at every get together. The meetings rotate from member house to member house and are usually held on Saturdays. It was far from a full crew today, but we nevertheless still celebrated the milestone with our usual enthusiasm.

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(Lord knows, we hate to have our picture made.)

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Anna said...

Wow, I'm impressed that you have a group like this with your family. I am trying to imagine my family members doing something like this. . . What a great idea. I wish I had started doing something like this with my kids and husband before now. Could still do it with the three remaining at home.

met said...

We had such a good time yesterday! (In all the excitement, I forgot to kidnap Talulla!)

Suzanne said...

Anna: You completely need to start this!