Sunday, January 22, 2006

Technical Difficulty

Apologies for the long silence around these parts.

It has been a good news/bad news kind of week. The good news is my BRAND NEW SUPER FANTASTIC digital camera arrived! It has all sorts of wonderful accessories, memory sticks, lens protectors--you name it. The camera itself is a wonderfully sleek looking thing. The night it arrived, I had just returned from happy hour. Whether it was the beer talking or just my general lack of talent with electronics, I don't know, but it took me a good twenty minutes before I figured out how to turn the thing on.

Within a few days, however, and a few torturous sessions ACTUALLY READING the directions (oy the pain!), I was snapping my first exciting but tentative shots. Eager to view and hopefully post and share the resulting photos, I began the process of trying to dowload the pictures from the camera to my computer. And this is where the trouble began. It didn't work. And it wasn't too long before Satan had to step in and take over.

Which brings us to the bad news: there's something wrong with the driver on our computer. Ideally, the computer should recognize the "scan disc" that I insert the photo stick into and automatically transfer the photos to the computer. It doesn't. Poor Satan has spent the better part of the ENTIRE WEEKEND (I kid you not) on the phone with tech support from scan disc, Dell, and who knows who else. The upshot is that it still isn't working. We have determined the the problem definitely lies with the computer and not the camera, which I suppose is a slight bright spot, but still no photos.

I personally think it's high time we got an actual geek to make a service call, but Satan insists that we wait for some CD or another that's supposed to arrive in the mail Tuesday. So, sadly, it will be at least until then before photos even MIGHT be possible.

The rest of the weekend has been good, but uneventful. I was nearly overtaken on Saturday by the desire to purchase the Urban Trampoline. As opposed to...I don't know the Rural Trampoline? Anyway, I came to my senses at the last minute. I told Satan about the incident, and he expressed fear that he might come home one day to find me bouncing around and looking like Kathy Bates. At which point we both spontaneously broke into "Stop in the Name of Love". (And if you don't know what I'm talking about, you must run to the nearest video store THIS INSTANT and rent Fried Green Tomatoes.)

Speaking of Satan, he continues to be a neverending FOUNTAIN of ideas about my hairstyle. I know you thinking I'm kidding, but I'm not. Because, people. Could I make this crap up? His latest brainstorm? I should dye my hair "silver". Silver! Wouldn't that be pretty? When I tried to clarify by saying, "You mean GRAY?!" He says to me, "No! I mean SILVER." It must be a find distinction. I was too traumatized to ask any more questions.

Otherwise, I pray for Jill Carroll. I hope you will too.

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