Sunday, January 01, 2006

Satan's Birthday (aka New Year's)

For me the birthdays come fast and furious on the heels of Christmas. Satan's birthday is actually January 1st, but he has always considered his birthday to begin the minute we awake on the 31st and continue until we fall into bed exhausted on the night of the 1st. Sort of a birthday festivus.

Historically, the festivus has found Satan in all manner of moods and behavior. Yesterday, for instance, I was soundly rebuked for upwards of half an hour for my lack of kitchen cleaning skills as well as plied with excellent food and liquor. You just never know what you're in for during festivus.

Speaking of wines, it has come to my attention that all my vacation posts seem to center around wine, and glasses filled with wine and I'll just tell you right now that this post is going to be no exception. You're just lucky I didn't take my camera to the restaurant or there'd be ADDITIONAL pictures of arfully posed glasses and bottles. I just can't help myself.

The truth is, I've done alot of celebrating lately. Last night alone, I drank wine with dinner, Bailey's and coffee, and New Year's champagne. Oh wait and a glass of chardonnay too. I'm a little amazed to be upright already today. Don't tell anybody, but at the restaurant at one point I threw up a little in my own mouth and then later during the champagne phase of the evening, while attempting to simply take a sip from my flute, for seemingly no reason at all, I lifted the glass high into the air and actually poured the champagne directly on to my face. Yah. I would deny it, but Satan happened to be looking at me (in amazement) at the time. I truly have no explanation.

FurGirl, too, managed to have quite a festive evening being the beneficiary of a large portion of my Steak Forestiere that came to her in a super-exciting to-go box. She has learned through experience that white styrafome containers are a Very Good Thing.

We took in "The Blues Brothers" which you might be suprised to learn is a movie that, until last night, I'd never viewed all in on sitting. I know! I can't believe how young John Belushi was in that movie. We also watched an even younger Belushi in "Animal House". A very funny movie that really does stand the test of time.

Satan and I were fortunate to receive well wishing calls around midnight from two-thirds of our children.

So, onward to the pictures. You'll notice I'm at least starting to come out of my state of inarticulateness and am now able to post pictures and words. Well, sort of.

Happy New Year to you. And happy birthday to the nicest and meanest guy I know.

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