Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back to Reality (with a thud)

And so the vacation is at an end. It was a good one all except for the bad parts. I returned to work today and it grieves me to report that, yes, my desk piled high with crap was still there crouched in my office. Lurking. Just waiting for me to return. Further, you will notice this post is sadly bereft of wine glasses, wine bottles, or any other adult beverage and specialized glasses for same. (*sniff!*) I am, at this very moment, tragically sober.

We took down all the decorations yesterday and, as always, it was a relief to know Christmas had (as I told Satan), “Left the building”.

I spent my usual sleepless night last night. No amount of preparation or OTC drugs, it seems, can insure me a good night’s sleep after any length of time (even a weekend, much less ten days) away from work. That irrational dread, and it IS irrational, keeps me awake until the wee hours every time. I’m continually resolving to get my doctor to prescribe something serious since I guess these sorts of situations are what prescription sleeping pills are actually meant to address. I never seem to get around to actually making that call, though.

As for New Year's resolutions, I’ve only made a few. They are:

Resolution #1 WAY MORE positive self talk. I don’t know about you, but the vast, VAST majority of the stuff I say to myself is negative and critical. I don’t know why this is, but I suspect it’s a trait many women share—just expecting too much of and being too hard on ourselves. As my mother has repeatedly told me, I should be no harder on myself than I would be on a good friend. This is great advice and makes perfect sense, however, I continue to internally berate myself for one reason or another on a daily basis. This year, I’m going to make it a point to have AT LEAST one soothing, complimentary self-talk per day.

Resolution #2 is as old as time, I suspect prehistoric women were resolving to eat less seal blubber and run around the cave a couple of times a day, and boring as it is, this is my resolution too. I exercised nearly every day during my vacation and I can already tell my thighs are less jiggly than they were before. I mean, it’s not like you have to spend three hours a day exercising to be fit. Half an hour a day will do it, it’s consistency, that lifetime commitment, that is so difficult to master. Hopefully, ’06 will be the year that I make the transition.

Resolution #2(b). Drink more water. ‘Nuff said.

Resolution #3. Write more. WAY MORE. And not necessarily here (although here definitely counts). Also, take more pictures. Although...I don't think NOT taking pictures is much of a possibility anymore. Satan is already starting to get a little annoyed at my ever burgeoning need to document positively everything with my (really crappy) camera. I received last-minute notification of a photography class in Lowertown that is to begin Thursday and am considering signing up.

Speaking of which, just when you thought the Birthday Festivus was over, Satan gets another gift (pictured at left). This one I had to order and it didn't come in until today (very tardy as I ordered well before xmas). Those of you in the know will recall that Satan's birthday presents all centered around a coffee theme, and this mug was to actually be the centerpiece. Pictured on the mug you'll probaby recognize our very own FurGirl. The caption says, "Got bacon?". I swear, sometimes I kill me, I really do. And this gift is one of those times. Just had to share.

Lastly, I keep meaning to report here that I received a personal e-mail (in response to one I sent her) from Sara Astuc, who, in my opinion is the greatest online journaler EVER. Her (now defunct) journal, Perfect Way, kept me glued to my computer screen for ONE WHOLE NIGHT (as in until sunrise) back in the day. I’m usually not the goofy slobbering minion type, but getting an e-mail from Sara, I must admit, left me all a-twitter. Sara maintains a great shopping website as well as three-way action and does still post personal entries. But only occasionally. Come back for reals Sara!

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