Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Because we don't have enough going on weather-wise...

I returned to class tonight after missing the last two Tuesdays due to the storm damage and resulting power outage difficulties (classes were actually cancelled). As I walked to my car with a classmate after my last class, he told me that there was significant concern that the huge storm systems effecting Texas and Oklahoma and moving steadily east may pose a serious threat to this area. The fear is that the storm systems would have sufficient steam left by the time they reach our battered shores to possibly wreak further havoc with our situation due, in part, to limbs weakened by our recent ice storm catastrophe. Not only do many compromised limbs remain lodged in the trees, but huge piles of gathered and piled up broken broken limbs awaiting pick-up line nearly every residential street. Many of these brush piles are 6, 8, even 10 feet tall and many more feet wide.

My imagination immediately began to (helpfully) paint a vivid picture of what could happen should high winds begin picking up sending all these limbs whipping about the countryside at high speeds. Local news is predicting sustained winds in the 30 MPH range with gusts in the 50 MPH range. Also, the ground is now saturated with moisture increasing the probability that more trees will give way and topple over.


My conversation with my classmate was the first I'd heard of a really serious threat, though it's been raining and increasingly windy this afternoon and into the evening. My first reaction was: That's it, I'm loading up my dogs and driving away. Far, far away. West maybe. Or possibly north. Some place where there isn't any trouble, Judy Garland.

Cooler heads have since prevailed and I'm staying put, but still.


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captron52 said...

Hiya I feel your pain. Im in Paducah also Was without power for 8 days. Im praying the storm will be really weak before it gets here.If we can make thru tonite we should be ok. Hang in there my fellow Paducahian!Hope your week is going pretty good everything considered.