Sunday, December 28, 2008

Paparazzi Birthday

The honorees in a move almost unheard of in the rarefied world of the much-photographed, agree to actually pose with a large percentage of the paparazzi stalking them. From left: Eva, Mary Ellen, Grandmama, Brenda, Gina, Patsy, Uncle Tom.

I was fortunate today to attend what may well have been the most well-photographed party in the history of Western Kentucky. My Grandmother and Great Uncle both celebrated their birthdays bathed in the blinding glow of constantly flashing digital cameras at my aunt Patsy's house. The honorees, eighty-eight and ninety respectively, took being enthusiastically herded from photo op to photo op with great aplomb. I daresay the pair may have even enjoyed it.
Here we see but a fraction of the paparazzi in relentless pursuit of their photographic quarry.

Uncle Tom opening a present. When I was little, probably five, he sat me on his knee and we had a very serious discussion about the fact that I had a regular uncle Tom and also, a great (him) uncle Tom. He explained that it's like he was an uncle twice over and suggested I could differentiate him from my regular uncle by referring to him "Uncle-Uncle Tom". I did. For about thirty years and he never got tired of it. That I know of.

I snapped this photo just as my Mom walked over, placed a hand on Grandmama's beautiful snowy white hair, and told her she has been the best mother anyone could ever hope for. I kid myself that this exact same image isn't right now sitting on fourteen other digital photo sticks.

The Pink Ladies: Bethany and Patsy.

The Pink Ladies and? An interloper who was later reported to have been heard several times pointedly referring to her red sweater as "dark pink".

Here Patsy and Brenda demonstrate the lost art of Cake Wrangling. Right after they simultaneously got a firm grip on and lifted the desert, the rest of us rushed in and spun the table around. (What, you think it's easy? This meant we had to put our cameras down.)

Could these two possibly be any cuter? Looking at this photo causes all the smartassery to just drain right out of me.


Brenda said...

All of the photos are great, but the last one is just precious!

met said...

Great photos!!!