Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hung Up

Among my many strange obsessions (i.e., tiny things, sparkly things, retro things, girly power tools, socks) are: things that hang. Clearly, I need to become an artist specializing in tiny retro hanging sparkly works that I craft with small power tools. While wearing socks. I wouldn't expect you'd ever see or hear from me again.

And let's face it. That might be a good thing.

Pictured here is a mobile that I have been coveting for some time and finally took the plunge and bought during a recent tribulation in the lakes region (don't ask). I would have bought it sooner but it cost (are you ready for this?) thirteen dollars. Yet another strangeness: a reluctance to buy things that I really love even if the price is perfectly reasonable. Note: this quirk does not, for some reason, apply to clothes and make-up.


The mobile did not come with the Christmas wonderfulness you see already in its little clips, those were a most fabulous Christmas gift that I realized were far too lovely to use for their intended purpose which is as cocktail napkins. A few minutes attaching them to the mobile clips and VOILA! a one-of-a-kind Christmas decoration. You see it hanging here from my dining room light fixture, since I haven't yet decided on a perfect final spot for it.

It's hard to see (click for a larger version), but they read:

It was a bitch to clean, but during the holidays, Mrs. Douglas loved to wear her grandmother's fir.



jan8 said...

your so talented.....love the napkin....

Brenda said...


Jeanna said...


Received your (also) groovy Christmas card yesterday. Yours is on the way (not as groovy).

Uni had snow day today! Hurrah! If I didn't have a 4-yo, even groovier..

Makes me think of Bobby Louise -- you know why...

Suzanne said...

Yes, good ol' BobbyL; I always think of him fondly in inclement weather.