Sunday, December 31, 2006


Best wishes for a wonderful 2007 to you all!

We whiled away our new year's eve down here in good old Savannah with biking, shopping, shopping, eating, shopping, and celebrating.

We awoke to temperatures near eighty degrees which made all the cordouroys and turtle necks I packed a little obsolete. This meant (boo, hoo, hoo) a trip to the mall to get me something summery and then a little biking.

Our biking was short lived, however, since it misted rain for much of the day. So...more shopping! Mostly window, actually. But I found these mighty tempting:

Tempting, but alas, a little pricey.

We nipped in to a Scottish bar for lunch where Satan enjoyed this rather exotic traditional European fare and we both enjoyed a couple of beers:

You'll note a hard boiled THEN breaded and deep fried egg in the background, onion rings, and in the foreground, a meat pie. Which, you'll be happy to learn, all tasted way better than it sounds. Or maybe it was just the beer. Who knows.

Then it was off for more (primarily) window shopping. I totally need this chandelier:

We celebrated Satan's birthday with a FANTASTIC dinner at Fernando's, an Italian restaurant in downtown Savannah recommended by a waitress we had yesterday. Luckily, the place was everything she said it was. The entrees were to die for, and so plentiful that we left with not one, not two, but THREE to-go boxes (a personal record).

After that, we strolled to the riverfront where we enjoyed a fantastic midnight fireworks display.

I'm always amazed at the lengths to which the world goes to celebrate Satan's birth.

Tomorrow we're thinking of picnicking with our leftovers on Tybee Island.

We'll see.

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