Friday, August 07, 2009


[From Left: Kara McCombs, David Szemeredy, and Katelyn Swift at the GTG's event last night at Pasta House. The crowd was HUGE and I held my blackberry aloft with the intention of getting a crowd shot. Instead, I got this blurry photo of only my buddies standing immediately to my left. I'm blaming the big pours.]

I'm off for some big city fun with the goils this weekend. As of right this minute (and this may change) I'm not taking Pinky.

Okay, just writing that sentence made me a little queasy.

I AM taking the camera. I hope to be back soon. And, okay, I'm taking Pinky., I'm leaving Pinky...


Brenda said...

What? You're considering leaving Pinky behind???

Suzanne said...

It's crazy, I know. Sometimes I think I need to get away?