Sunday, August 09, 2009

Livin' Large in Louisville

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What can I say? We kicked Louisville's ass until it cried like a girl, of course.

We drank wine. We purchased fresh french baguettes still warm from the oven from the Bosnian baker. Shopped at the Asian grocery (we like to stay in touch with our heritage), ate GOOD Pad Thai at Yang Kee Noodle, I got that Big Purse I've been hankering for at NY&Co. We all got new clothes. We were accosted in the Mall and given Big Prom Hair all of a sudden. We visited Whole Foods where we FINALLY found Kaffir Lime Leaves and got olives at the olive bar and ate cookes while we people-watched the check-out (Go Lane 4 Checker!). We were visited by the Chef at Proof on Main who was so overwhelmed by our charms that he sent us dessert. There was other stuff.

All in all, the perfect weekend. Click the photos for larger versions and complete captions at Bubbleshare.


Monica said...

you found kaffir limes leaves? Okay, then, you know what that means...I'm hankering for my invite for Tom Kaw soup!

Suzanne said...

Actually Christa has the leaves. I understand they can actually be frozen.