Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Meanwhile, back at Grey Gardens...

This is a follow-up to my original Grey Gardens trailer post. If you've watched that clip, but haven't seen the original Grey Gardens documentary by the Maysles brothers, you must watch the clip I'm posting here from that film of Little Edie Beale. Little Edie is the character portrayed in the HBO production by Drew Barrymore. When you see this clip, of the real Little Edie, you get a sense of just how great a job Drew is really doing. This is the exact snippet on which the Barrymore speech about "using her skirt as a cape" is based. Watch them back-to-back.

Update on the abandoned Maltese: I've had contact from no less than three readers seriously interested in exploring the possibility of adopting the little guy. I am, as yet, unable to reach the man in whose hands the fate of the little orphan rests. Will keep you posted.

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