Monday, February 26, 2007

Weekend Recap

I'm trying to write more even though I still have that problem that I can't write about what's really going on. Not that it's that exciting or anything.

Welcome to my exercise!

Speaking of which, Satan and I have embarked on new exercise regimes. We now have a BowFlex and no excuses. Satan is my trainer (is it just me or should I write a song with that title?) and he puts me through my paces on the machine while I generally whine and get sweaty (hate when that happens) and feel nauseous. I just despise working out with weight, even though I know it's the only way to real fitness.

My upper body, especially, stays sore most of the time since, left to my own sendentary devices, I have the upper body strength of a diseased gnat. Also, Satan recently ordered an elliptical trainer. I am personally very, very afraid of the elliptical trainer, and now live in fear of the dark day when it arrives here at the house. I can only imagine that to excercise on it means pain in direct purportion to its ruthless effectiveness.

Why can't we just eat ice cream and watch Netflix movies? I'm SO GOOD at that.

On that note, I caught two great classics this weekend. First: the 1958 classic, "The Defiant Ones" with Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier. I loved how the story of the relationship between these two men unfolded. Tony and Sidney play escaped convicts who are actually chained together for much of the movie and so must work through their differences, racial and otherwise, in order to survive.

I'm always surprised to see what a honey Tony Curtis was in his day. I'm more familiar with the Tony who is the bloated, pathetic loser and drug-addled father of the otherwise fabulous Jamie Lee Curtis. As for Sidney, well, he was suave and fantastic then, he's suave and fantastic now, and I would imagine he just knows of no other way to be. I've never watched "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" without being reduced to a quivering, sniveling, sentimental heap.

(Hey, look! I posted a photo! I'm trying to to jinx it by talking about it too much).

The other movie was the original 1949 version of "All the King's Men" starring Broderick Crawford.

Broderick plays Willie Stark, a small-time southerner who rises from humble beginnings to become governor of his state (I'm not sure which state, but it's definitely southern). While Willie starts out with good intentions he--GUESS WHAT--loses his soul in the process. A predictable story about politics that maybe wasn't so predictable in the America of the late 1940's? The movie also stars Mercedes McCambridge as Willie's disappointed lover and publicist. Mercedes is an actress I always find mezermerizing, perhaps because she starred in one of my all-time favorites, "Giant", or perhaps because she's just got "it", whatever it is. It's probably her voice. I'm a sucker for a husky voice.

In conclusion, I think Satan and I are the last people on the planet to realize what a gem "Grey's Anatomy" is (thanks Jill!). I added disc one, season one, to the Netflix queue. We are officially hooked and highly recommend.

If only Ellen Pompeo would have a sandwich.

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