Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rydell 4-EVER! At Maiden Alley Cinema's 11th Birthday Bash/Costume Party

You know how it sometimes kind of sucks to live in a small(ish) town? Where there's little opportunity, John Cougar Mellencamp? Where everybody kind of knows everybody? 

But, then again, sometimes, something happens that's just so damn much fun partially because it's a small town. Where everybody kind of knows everybody. And if you don't know everybody you kind of think you do. Or should.


Let's just say the Maiden Alley Cinema's 11th Birthday Bash/Costume Contest was just such an event. 

Movie People.  Gotta love 'em.
Danny Zuko, a Pink Lady, Sandy
Honestly, it's not like I need a lot of encouragement to dig out my "Grease" CD, listen to it obsessively for a week, and throw together an ensemble from Rydell High. Really? It's the most.  To say the least. (Word to the wise: crinolines go on LAST. Ahem.) As I mused on crackbook the other day, somehow I still know every lyric and harmony from the Grease soundtrack, but have no real recollection of what happened Wednesday.

Hopelessly devoted (and shiny).

Not that I care.

I read an article not long ago that discussed some recent research that indicated listening to the music of one's youth has a major depression lifting effect. While I'm happy they did the research, all they really needed to do is ride along with us in our costumes on the way to the party as we sang along

Stupid, ridiculous, giggle-snorting happy. 

And that's before we started drinking...

...and giggling some more at the world's most fabulous movie get-ups. You see here H. I. & Ed with little Nathan junior in his car seat, the infamously hard-won Huggies, and --look closely-- a copy of Dr. Spock's "Baby and Child Care". These two won the costume contest and, damnit, I have to admit, they deserved the award even as wonderful as our costumes were.  (Danny Zuko sneaked into a lot of photos. He's very gregarious.)    

Nice guns, Holly Golightly! I'm happy to say this particular Holly clearly did not have a case of the Mean Reds and was but one of a large contingent of Hollies in Ethan Allen sponsor, Kenn Gray's, entourage. Not only did Gray treat us to a flock of Hollies,

but he won the tablescape contest with the Tiffany theme. 

Timing award to Heather Anderson here.  After all it is Shark Week.

It may be simple, but I love Love LOVE this Shaun of the Dead costume from demon baby (wolf pussy!) creator, Cory Green.  Hi, Danny. 

And then? I, like, ohmygod! Ran into my old jacket worn by Valley Girl, Lily Shapiro. I'm so totally sure!  I actually owned this stonewashed fringey nightmare back in, maybe, the late eighties? It required very big hair, a vat of Bud Lite, two packs of Marlboros, and irresponsible decision making at every donning.  What can I say? It was a very demanding jacket. I hope Lily can bear up under the strain (and resist the call of the wild better than I). 

Event originator and MAC Executive Director, Landee Bryant aka Billie Jean. She's everywhere. Also? She dyed her hair just for this costume. That's dedication, people.

Miss Scarlett O'Hara, y'all! And in Miss Ellen's portieres.  Also? Team: Open.  You gotta pay the taxes on Tara somehow, after all. Fiddle dee dee! 

Could I love this Elle Driver costume a little more?  I don't think so. Apparently, she hangs with Ed and H. I.  Small world!

And just when you think these partygoers can't get more inventive?  In rolls Lars and his real girl . No small feat as this is an "upstairs" party.

There were so, so many more you guys. But I had too many Red Stripes to keep up. Just remember, kids, it doesn't matter if you win or lose, it's what you do with your dancin' shoes.

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