Wednesday, April 06, 2011

iList Link Love

Mary Thorsby, you look maaaahhhhvelous! Have I mentioned?

I am thrilled to see my recent blog resurrection did not go unnoticed by my favorite Paducah events resource and Bizzyville BF, iList Paducah and, more specifically, the blog of Mary Thorsby. The cyber-affair between our sites has been previously well-documented and ongoing for years (almost since the beginning; I'd link if I wasn't lazy) as has my affection for the amazing (and award winning) partners behind the party: Mary Thorsby and Nikki May . These girls are forces of nature both together and individually. And if you know them in real life, you know I'm soooooo not kidding about that.

LauraK & friends

In addition, I too endorse Mary Thorsby's other two Paducah blog reads:

LauraK's new abbreviated Tumblr site featuring her quick-takes on style, photography, the moment, and what's up; again, long-time readers will recognize Laura as an early Bizzyville friend and supporter. (And person who is very TALL. As compared to some other people who are NOT TALL.)

And then there's DJ/Musician/Bloody Mary Enthusiast Tony Foo Yong's (Please don't say, "Tony Foo YOUNG", people, it's "YONG". Thanks.) blog: three chord monty.

Ah, Paducah. All we care about is LOVE! (And I'm semi not kidding about that.)

[All photographs by local photog Brad Rankin. Whose often edgy, editorial style I totally endorse and recommend and enjoy perusing. That's Brad between LauraK and Kenn Gray, 2nd photo. He is a chameleon, I tell you.]


Brenda said...

See, Bizzy, EVERYONE is glad you're back! :) :)

tony foo yong said...

I can't find you on Facebook !
Thanks for the mention on my did you hear about it ?