Thursday, September 17, 2009


I'm going on a little trip. And whilst away on this trip I hereby declare I shall be shod in one pair of boots or another each and every day. The photo above should provide a (giant, screaming) clue as to my destination. I will be armed with my camera and the shooting capacity for at least a thousand photos. If I don't obliviously wander off a cliff with the camera affixed to my face, I hope I will find the time to upload a few of the more bearable shots here in the very near future. What? Shut-up. I'm thinking positive about this. I've never been to the pacific Northwest (<----CLUE), but I can assure you I will, as with each and every trip I take, return an insufferable expert on the region including where/what to eat, most picturesque locations, local customs, fun facts, and general history of the area. Just ask me.


Patience-please said...

Have a great time. Really. Don't worry about any of us poor slobs slugging through our meaningless days.
It is beautiful out there, so just be sure to come home. We'd miss you too much!

Suzanne said...

In the immortal words of Ah-nold: U'LL BE BECK. And I hardly consider days BLAZING A TRAIL through your novel meaningless ;)