Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend in Review

I wrapped up the work week on Friday by getting a grant proposal to FedEx in just the nick of time. After that, it was a mad dash to my favorite local jeweler to pick up my remixed wedding diamond before the store closed for an extended summer vacation. Because a girl just can't be expected to leave a nice sparkler in the box for long, can she? This one can't, anyway.

I had the stone re-set in a two-tone bezel setting that slides on a white gold chain. I had thought the work would take weeks, but in true Bernard fashion, the work was finished in just a few days. This was both good news and bad news: good news in that that I could begin to enjoy it, bad news in that I was also going to have to pay for it sooner than expected.

Fortunately, my credit card is everywhere it needs to be (and a few places it doesn't). And Bernard, sensing my poor, poor recently divorced but still tragically fabulous vibe, made the whole thing a little more affordable before I ponied up. I'll post a photo soon; in my rush on Friday afternoon I left the camera in my office.

I know. I feel as though I've had an important appendage amputated.

The whole Friday situation left me feeling very parched and dehydrated--a raging thirst that could only be cured by something draft or bottle. Mostly draft in my case. This meant a call to my cousin, Christa, a certain Party Wave, and a night out that after an hour or so we knew had to include karaoke. This was, perhaps, all to be expected.

What we didn't bargain far is locating the long lost Neil from "Running With Scissors" also singing karaoke. I mean, we knew he ran away from Augusten Burroughs after their traumatic and ill-fated affair, but who would guess he would run to Ernie's Sports bar in Paducah, of all places? Apparently to sing overly sincere heavy metal rock ballads slightly off key to a sparse lukewarm crowd of drunks?

Just when you think you've seen it all.

Need a refresher as to what Neil looked like? Here you go:

I'd post a photo of him at Ernie's but, trust me, there is no need. He still looks exactly like his photo above. Spookily so.

Saturday found me at an early morning appt with my stylist, Amberly, and then off for a quick trip to the mall. What? I had a COUPON.

Saturday night was a !Sushi! bonanza.

I continue my Wii Fit odyssey. I haven't quite lived up to my perhaps over zealous 5x's a week commitment, but I am keeping at it regularly. I've lost TWO WHOLE pounds with a mere 10 more to go. I'm beginning to find my Wii trainer a bit addictive and the quest to best my last scores surprisingly motivating.

The fact that my workouts typically end with me jogging around in a circle in my living room while immobilizing my breasts by pressing them to my chest with my hands as the dog gallops confusedly (and loudly) along behind is just serves to up the fun factor a notch. Yes, friends, soon I may even be able to do a whole push-up.

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